Automatically generated list item not visible in Form

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A question about the visibility of a column in a SharePoint list.


I created a list in SP that is linked to PowerApps. Everytime a user fills in the form in PowerApps, a new row is added in the SP list. One of the fields is called "requested by", obviously stating the name of the person who filled in the form. I want that field to be visible in the form on the right-hand-sight when you open a list item by clicking on the title but SP doesn't let me. 


Anyone knows if there is a solution to this issue?

Thanks a lot.



(want it to be visible here:)



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@JanouH no SharePoint won't let you because that pane is for comments on the item, not for other info. If you've set up your list and Power Apps form correctly you'll have the requested by field in main body of the form when you click on it.


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