Automatically fill a Sharepoint list field

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We have a field in a Sharepoint list that has Yes / No answers


We want another field to automatically be completed if the answer to the Yes/No field is set to No


Anyone know if thsi can be done?

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I hope this is helpful solution,

Add Yes/No filed and select type of calculated filed then add formula 

=IF([Yes/No],"Complete","IN Progress")







I added the below: (Harm Yes or No is my other column)

=IF([Harm Yes or No],"No","Very Low")

However I get this error:



I'm I missing a step?





Can you tell me about Harm Yes or No is Which type of column?
Its just a single line of text field

@Pn1995 You need to create a "Calculated column" instead of "Single line of text" column.



Also, what is the data type of "Harm Yes or No" column?
If data type of "Harm Yes or No" is "Choice" or "Single line of text" use this formula: 


=IF([Harm Yes or No] = "No", "No", "Very Low")


 If data type of "Harm Yes or No" is "Yes/No" use this formula: 


=IF([Harm Yes or No], "Very Low", "No")


First value in above IF function is for Yes/true value.

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