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Do you have any suggestions on how to create a child item, in a child list, from the parent list?


I'd like to have a list of items (issues to track), with a link to a child list to keep track of updates for the parent item, but by the time the parent is created, the child, and I don't know how to work it out.


Because a given parent item may have many different updates (children), I need to have the parent item in the parent list, linked to the many items in the child list. The challenge I have is that by the time I create the parent item, the child item doesn't exist, and I need to create it automatically so that users can go (say a few days later) and enter updates.


I know I can use a field with "Multiple lines of text" in SP and view the entries, but I need to pull the data from a database and the field with "Multiple lines of text" doesn't work in the database.


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@Leonel GUZMAN I don't think you can achieve this with SharePoint on its own, you need to look at doing this with a flow in Power Automate. It would create the "child" item in the separate list when the parent item is created, and you'd need a ParentID column in the child list for the ID of the parent to be populated. Then when the parent is updated it can update the child based on a filter query on the ParentID column eq ID.


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@Leonel GUZMAN If using PowerApps is an option, @Admin Reza Dorrani has an excellent tutorial on related lists that may be helpful to you. 

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Yes, PowerAutomate is the way to go.