Automatically aggregating / summarizing from one list into another

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I want to aggregate / summarize information from one SPO list into another (without using a flow, Powerapp etc.).


For example, I have a list of payments, which includes a column called PaymentID, and I want to create a summary list which will automatically display the maximum PaymentID that currently exists in the list of payments. Then, when a new payment gets added, with a PaymentID that is 1 greater than the previous payment, the summary list should automatically display the new maximum PaymentID.


Does anyone know of a simple way of doing this?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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@AndrewCrompton This is not possible using SharePoint out of the box capabilities.


You will need custom solution using either using Power Apps, Power automate or SPFx customized list forms.

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Hi, Ganesh,

Thanks for your reply. I'm not too surprised that SPO does not allow this. I guess I'll have to make do with a PowerApps solution.

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