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Hi All,


I am having lots of fun playing with Lists at the moment. I would like to add a field to my lists that is automatically populated with the person who added the entry. 


This is the same as the behaviour of the author field on the content scheduler template. However I don't seem the be able to workout how this achieved on the template?


What is the best way for me to achieve this?





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Hi, why don't you try using a calculated column with the value of the Author field?

@BarryCoombs I'd like to know how to do this also, did you ever figure it out?  

@BarryCoombs nevermind, I figured it out.


In the upper right corner of the screen to the left of the filter icon click "All Items" and in the drop down select "Edit current view." In the view settings screen select "created by" so that it has a checkbox in the "Display" column. Once it shows up in the list you can rename it to "Author" or whatever you want.

I found this helpful, thanks for posting @MattBrink

@BarryCoombs @skmonjurali @MattBrink Every SharePoint or Microsoft Lists list has a field - Created By (internal name - Author).


This field stores the name of user who created item in the SharePoint list. You can rename this column from List settings > Columns section.


If you want to create another similar person or group column and populate it based on currently logged in user, you have to customize the list form using Power Apps. Then you can achieve it easily using Power Apps formula.




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