Automatic update of sharepoint list from modified excel generated by forms


Hello community!

I am trying to create an automation for this process.

  1. User A fills in a Form ("Asset Profile Form") created via MS Forms.
  2. Response is automatically added to the Forms-generated excel spreadsheet ("Asset Profile ss") that I've saved on sharepoint. The info entered at this stage is marked in the Asset Profile ss as Part 1 
  3. Part 1 info is displayed on Sharepoint as an item on a List ("Data Inventory").
  4. The List is viewed by User B to assess Part 1 info's classification 
  5. User B edits the Asset Profile ss by selecting from drop down in Part 2  
  6. Data Inventory is automatically updated with the Part 2 info

I have made a basic Forms -> Sharepoint flow to cover 1-3. 

How do I incorporate an Excel -> Sharepoint flow for 5 & 6, and generally for when any part of the Asset Profile ss is updated?


Thanks for reading! Regards, suz

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Hello @SuzPang 


Did you succeed with this automation?

I will be interested to hear how



@SARG_CTO there is no trigger in Power Automate for when a row in a table in a spreadsheet is updated.


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