Automatic notifications with the new "Private Draft" mechanism

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SharePoint has a new built-in approval mechanism called Private Drafts that has started rolling out since the start of 2023. This is explained here : It is not the same as an approval flow.


We previously used an approval flow via Power Automate for this purpose, which sent notifications to the requested reviewer, but it seems to break when used with private drafts. Now that we're using Private Drafts, we want the Site Owner to get notifications (via email, or Teams), when an approval is requested through the Private Draft mechanism, but this doesn't seem to be possible.


SharePoint's "Alert Me" functionality doesn't allow filtering by Approvals, so that doesn't help, and there is no SharePoint trigger for PowerAutomate that works with Private Drafts.


What can be done to send a notification to the site owner when a Private Draft needs review?

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