Automatic Access for members of a security group to a Sharepoint Site.

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How do I automatically allow members of a security group access to a Sharpoint Online Site without needing to email them or go through the 'request access' routine?

We have an organisation with two entities on the same tenant. 

I've created a couple of SharePoint sites for each entity to use and now I'm trying to figure out the best way to allow everyone in one entity access to one site and the other entity the other.

I can't use the blanket "Allow all in organisation" but I'd like something similar using Security Groups.

I've created two groups and populated them with users for each side and using the advanced permissions, I can add the security groups manually for the users to gain access.


I don't want to bother them with emails so I unticked that option. The right users now have access but they still need to go through the 'Request Access" routine. This is particulalry annoying for the admins of the sites as they have to okay everyone on their side of the company. 

Is there a way to automatically give everyone in a Sharpoint group access without having to either email/request access?

Happy to do in Powershell if that's the only way.

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Which permission/permission level are you adding to those groups on SharePoint sites?

Security Group members shouldn't have any problems accessing SharePoint, when permissions are correctly set.


Hi Matti. The users are in an email-enabled Security group and I'm trying to give them Edit access. 

Here's my steps....

  • In M365 admin panel, Create a Security group containing all the members that will be allowed on the site.
  • Create Sharepoint site
  • Enter SharePoint site's Documents Page
  • Click on Settings cog > Site permissions > Advanced Permissions
  • Grant Permissions > Add Security group
  • Select 'Invite People' and select the security group I created.
  • Click 'Show Options'
  • Untick 'Send an email Invitation'
  • In 'Select a permission Level' Dropdown Select 'Edit', Then 'Share'
  • Refresh the page to confirm the Security group was added to the root permission.
  • Click on Check Permissions to make sure the user has access
  • Send the user a link to the documents page of the site

  • Ask the user to try to access using the link.
  • The user tries to access but gets stuck at "Sorry, you don't have access." access Request Page

Is this issue just for a specific document or for the whole site ? Can the user access other parts of the site such as landing page, library etc?



Is the user using the correct account? so they don't have two accounts or are guests

Hi there. Seem to missed this response. Apologies for the late reply.

It's for the whole site. There are no members entered directly into SharePoint. They're all added by a Security Group.

In the Site Permissions area, it look like this

EntityA Members
- EntityA Members
EntityA Owners
- Blank
EntityA Visitors

Or should I be doing it like this?

EntityA Members
- EntityA Members
- Sec-EntityA-Staff
EntityA Owners
- Blank
EntityA Visitors

If anyone from Sec-Entity-Staff tried to access via the SharePointlink to the Document Library, they get the "Request Access" page. Once they accept, they have access as planned.