Auto populate SharePoint list with create user details

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I have a SharePoint Online list where users create issues, but I want it to auto populate with their department, email address and phone number.


How would I go about doing this?

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How much configuration, you can do?


If not, then to see the department name or anything, it will be come on popup on hovering. 

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I am the global admin


Then you need to add java script on the page to bring the department name and related information from Graph API and populate in text boxes.


With java script you can do anything :)


@Ali Murtaza 


Do you have any examples?


Also where do you add the java scripts?

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@Jbrines1969 Check this for reference

using power automate

This video explain how to auto fill SharePoint List Form fields using MS Power apps. Below is the code to auto fill person field to the current logged-in use...