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Facing the below error "Exception from HRESULT: 0xE0040035"


1. I have below columns in a list with validations

If [Review status] = Shortlisted (WIP), Date 2 & Project type cannot be blank

If [Review status]  =Benefit validation, Date 3 cannot be blank

If [Release date] should not be past date and cannot be >90 days from today date

If [Review status] = Benefit validation, Project type should not be blank

If [Review status] = On hold, Release date should not be blank

If [Review status] = Completed, [Closure month], [Saving realization by], [Pre metric], [Post metric] mandatory

If [Review status] = External Tech, Project type should not be blank

If [Benefit type] = Hard save & [Review status] = completed, [Annualized benefit] is mandatory and >0

If [Saving realization by] = Additional volume, Addl. volume annually should not be blank

If [Saving realization by] = FTE movement, [#FTEs moved] and [FTE movement reason] should not be blank


Below is the code: When clicking save in validation setting, getting this error.




                                                IF([Review Status]="Shortlisted (WIP)",IF(AND([Date 2]<>"", [Project type]<>""), TRUE, FALSE),

                                                                IF([Review Status]="Benefit Validation",IF(AND([Date 3]<>"", [Project type]<>""), TRUE, FALSE),

                                                                IF([Review Status]="On Hold",IF([Release date]<>"",TRUE,FALSE),

                                                          IF([Review Status]="Completed",IF(AND([Closure month]<>"", [Projecttype]<>"", [Saving realization by]<>"", [Pre project metric]<>"", [Post project metric]<>""),TRUE, FALSE),


                                                          IF([Benefit type]="Hard save", IF([Annualized Benefit in USD]>”0”,TRUE,FALSE),

                                                            IF([Annualized Benefit in USD]>=”50000”,IF(AND([Review Status(Before)]=”Finance sign off > $50K”, [Review Status]=”Completed”), TRUE, FALSE),



                                IF([Saving realization by]="Additional volume processed",IF([Annual Addl.Vol]<>"",TRUE,FALSE),

                                IF([Saving realization by]="FTE movement",IF([#FTEs moved]<>"",TRUE,FALSE),

                                TRUE     ))),

                TRUE, FALSE),

                IF([Release date]<>"",IF(AND([Release date]>=TODAY(), [Release date]<=TODAY()+90), TRUE, FALSE) ,TRUE)



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