Auto Increment Column with Document Sets - is this even possible?

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Is there any viable out of the box way to create an auto increment column with document sets?

I thought I could use the ID, but I wasn aware that the documents within document sets take up from the "global" ID set of the root folder. 

Now that I've created a few test sets with documents my first three document sets have these IDs 4, 25, 776 :p

I would have been OK with a few gaps due to deletion, but these jumps are not viable.

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I can only think on doing by means of a Workflow / something that updates your Increment column based on previous data (document sets) in the library


Did you find any solution for Document Set IDs? I have the same problem and I couldn't find any 'no code' solution...

Had a consultant build a SharePoint workflow. Therefore wasn’t a no-code solution.

Thank you. I'll try to figure out a solution

These days, I would advise using Power Automate to create a flow that does this. This will be a no-code/low-code solution that doesn't necessarily require a developer or consultant in the middle.

@SabbeRubbish I just stumbled to your comment :) After more than a Year it is still not possible to create a new Document Set from PowerApps. You can add documents to existing document set and also edit and save an existing document set, but not create a new one :( The AutoId number would have come handy here.

It is possible with the help of Power Automate.