Auto complete a field based on another list data

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I have 2 lists in SharePoint. One contains the user in a People Column and another column, single line of text, where I filled the name of the owned computer.

No I want this information, computer name, to be automatically filled in another list, based on the username, when I add items to the list.

I add items to the list via MS Forms, MS Power Automate, MS Flow.


Thank you.

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Hi @claudiugherasim,


Unfortunately, we cannot use People column for the lookup, hence you will have to store the user information in a normal text field if you want to use that for the lookup.

So I need to create a single text field, like a number for each employee and search based on that, right? But it can automatically bring the data?

@nimesht thanks, but i did it via Power Automate.

Yes, if it's text field we can use Lookup List to copy multiple fields from another list based on the selected value.

Reference from another post with similar requirement.