Auto add solved date on list with IF function, equal to other column's value

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Hi Guys! 


I am struggling with the following, I have a "solved date" column, where I'd like to add the solved automatically, if status equals to Closed status then it should be the last modified date (it's another columns value), for anything other status should be today's date. I modeled the logic in excel, it works there, but when I translate to Sharepoint it says error, I just can't figure out why it is not working. Does anyone has any idea? 


I have come to this formula: =IF([Status]="10. Closed";[Modified];IF([Status]="12. Closed";[Modified];TODAY()))



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@Eszter_003 you can't use Today() in a calculated column which is why you get the error. So you'll need to think of another way to achieve this. A simple flow in Power Automate could do update the list whenever the  status column (in my case Status3) is changed. If this is of interest I'll post up the steps asap.


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Hi @RobElliott yes, I am definitely interested, could you post the steps?