Authorization method change and log in issues

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I had access granted to my client's SharePoint website and my authorization was set up on my Microsoft authenticating app for my old phone. Since then, I changed my phone, but I could not transfer my authorization from the old phone to the new one. 

I am not able to log in now due to missing authorization. 

I do not have possibility to change my authorization methods for this email. 


Is it possible to receive QR code once again and set up my authorization for the sharepoint?



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@monikahds I think this is not a SharePoint issue but rather an Identity/Security topic.


The behavior depends also on the Identity Governance your client put in place.


Normally they should have configured an alternative sign-in method as break glass procedure like call/text phone, etc...


If they have done it, then you should be able to access your own page: , Click on the Security Info Tab and generate the QR code for your new mobile.


If you cannot access your account via browser, the only option is to get in contact with their IT department.


The M365 admin needs to temporary disable MFA for your account so you can access again and remove the lost device.

After that, he/she will enable again the MFA so that you can configure the Authenticator app on the new phone.