Authenticate Lists based in list fields

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I have a SharePoint site. I have a member group called 'Allowed' and only the members in this group can see a List that I have created, called List1.


Inside List1, there are a number of fields. One of the fields is called 'Owner Member'. This field is populated by the username of Members in the 'Allowed' group.


Is there any way that I can set - that only the members whose name is in the 'Owner Member' field can see their own list items?


I.e. list items are divided per-member of staff?



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@hy1hy1 create a view of the list and in the list settings add a filter where the column with the name of the person is equal to [Me]. Each person looking at the list will only see the items where they are in that column:



So our full list looks like this:



But looking at the new view it only shows the items for the current user:




However, anyone who know how to access the list of views in the top right of the list will be able to see the full list. You'd have to apply row level permission to prevent that.


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Hi @hy1hy1 ,


When each item is created run a Flow to permission the item based on the member column. That would do the trick. 


@Rob Elliott Thank you so much for your solution! It has really helped.


@Andrew Hodges Hi Andrew, would you be able to point me in the right direction in how such a flow would be structured? Thank you.

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