Audience Targeting on Older and Newer Modern Team Sites


While it is understood that audience targeting could be enabled to libraries on modern team, communication and hub sites, but what is interesting is I am unable to apply audience property to selected items within those libraries on older modern sites as I am able to with newer ones.


Newer communication site, audience targeting property is available...





For older communication site, audience property is missing, even though audience targeting is enabled for the pages library...




Is this an expected behavior for audience targeting to not work properly on older modern team sites?  If not, what can be done to resolve this issue?

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Not expected behavior if you ask my opinion, the only thing we are supposed to do to enable audience targeting in the Site Pages Document Library is quite well described here: So if the process does not work as described there, there is probably an issue with audiences in old modern sites

@Juan Carlos González MartínSounds like this might be a bug.  I have audience targeting in the Site Pages Documents library enabled and it doesn't appear to be working properly for older modern sites.