Audience targeting is not working at all

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Hi. I have a problem with audience targeting. I have switched on an audience targeting in site pages library and news webpart. i have selected a group where my user is not in and i still see this news. I heard on this site was configured something like audience policy or something. Do you know how to fix it or find a take around of this problem?

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@buszi99 If you've selected an audience group that you recently created or changed, it may take some time to see targeting applied for that group.


Follow this Microsoft official documentation for more information: Use the News web part on a SharePoint page 

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@ganeshsanap when you say it may take some time to see any changes to audience targeting take affect - how long should it take?

Only I have a sharepoint communications site and I have a sharepoint list of audiences in the back of the site - I've recently changed the name of one of the audience groups and although I can find the name when typing it into the audience field, when I republish, the name changes back to the original version. 


Any ideas why this is?