Audience Targeting Column missing in lists

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Hi, I've noticed the Audience Targeting column is missing in lists when adding/uptading items (Modern UI). Audience targeting is enabled on the list. However, the column is available for display in views. It is ok for document libraries...


Is this a bug? 

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Hi, audience targeting is not enabled for lists, not yet anyway.  Check out this page - - to see where audience targeting can currently be applied.

@PeterRising , thanks for the info. Looks like it is not in the roadmap for modern list.... In the link you gave me, they don't specify that Document libraries are supported even if they are... 


I've created a uservoice: Enable Audience targeting on modern list – SharePoint Experiences in Office365 and/or SharePoint Ser...



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Audience targeting is available on SharePoint libraries and it is documented at: Target navigation, news, and files to specific audiences - See "Enable audience targeting for a library".


I can also see the audience targeting settings for lists and target audience column in list. However, I think audience targeting is not applied directly within default list view yet (Correct me if I am wrong) and you need to use web parts like Highlighted content web part, news, content query web part, etc. to filter list contents based on audience targeting.


List Audience targeting.PNG

Check below article to know more about how to use audience targeting with content query web part:

How does Audience Targeting in a List / Document Library work? 

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@ganeshsanap , my issue is with modern UI where the audience column is not available when adding/updating an item in the list. In classic, the audience column is available.