Audience targeting and Document libraries attached to Teams

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I have enabled Audience targeting in a teams document library, however I am not able to edit the audience column, I have enabled the audience targeting about 30 min. ago, am I just impatient, or is this just not working with a teams environment?

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@Craig Brookhart 


Hi, is this how you have enabled the feature?  The is by editing the navigation menu.


Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 10.07.45.png

I can add groups immediately using this method.

@Craig Brookhart 
Have tried the same on a modern SC of my own and have been able to specify the target audience for a specific file within less than a minute.
The column has shown up in Teams as well (modern target audience).



I guess I was just impatient. It did however take longer to see the function, I was expecting it immediately. I guess the replications takes a bit longer for us.