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Hi There!
Not sure if this should go into this particular group or a different one, so I tossed it on here to start.  I'm trying to find a way to setup a Quarterly Attestation Option for my Managers so they'll be alerted, can hop onto Sharepoint via a link, confirm the users on their part of the attestation spreadsheet, and then close it/save the changes when they're done.  


Let me know if any of you have any experience setting up something similar to this, or if not, might have any idea where to direct me to so I can try and build this out.  Thanks in advance!

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This would be possible by using power automate, to send a email with the link which could be triggered by todays date -3 months. You could then have views setup on the sharepoint for each manager which would only show their employee's. They would then go in and approve these by edit in grid view or via a customise form.

Hope this is of some help.


That is INCREDIBLY helpful!! Do you happen to know if there are any walkthroughs/templates out there that kind of break this down? It's my first instance with setting something like this up, so I want to make sure I'm nailing it the first go round. Let me know. Thanks!
How familiar are you with Power Automate? It's quite simple and I could list the parts you would need here for the first part. If not very familiar I would highly recommend youtube for walkthrough videos.

For views you just create a view for each manager, or simply ask them to filter their name in manager column.

If creating view on the top left hand side of your list it will say all items, click the down arrow next to that, create new view. Give that view a name, it will create the view. Now click the down arrow again and click edit current view.

Here you can select which columns show. scroll down to the bottom there is a section called filter, go to Show items only when the following is true: select manager column, is equal too and then Type the managers name as it appears in your list. go to the bottom and click ok. Now when that view is selected it will only show people that has their name against them as their manager.
I'll have to check out YT Waklthrough Videos on Power Automate as I haven't been tasked with creating something using that in quite some time. I really really appreciate all the info you're giving me here, it's extremely helpful, and thank you for listing those parts as well.