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Hello, we're using SharePoint in Microsoft 365. Created a list using Teams and added line items there with attachments. Enabled the Attachment columns but it only shows a clip icon per line. How do we get the attached file to show up in the Attachment column as a direct download link?

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@srikantnayak you can't. What you'd need to do is to save the attachment in a document libary then add a hyperlink column to link to that document. In the list settings set it to display as either a hyperlink or an image (which is the opyion I chose below):



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@RobElliott - thanks for the response, but the Hyperlink column is not something that suits our use cases. Ours is a collaborative list and the easiest way for someone to link a file to a line item they create in the list is via Attachment (whereas Hyperlinking a file stored elsewhere is too many steps). While Attachment fulfils the ease-of-use for someone filling the form, the List needs to be equally user friendly for someone looking to download the attachment. Ideally, they should be able to download it from the Attachment column itself (perhaps by clicking the clip icon), rather than opening the line item.

Let's wait to see if someone has any creative ideas to fulfil the second use case.
But that's how Microsoft built it! You can't click on the paperclip icon to download the attachment. If your users have edit access to the list then then can edit the item and download the attachment from there.
Hi, please help to vote the idea your brought up to make Microsoft work harder for us. Thanks