Assigned Content types for DL not available in OneDrive view

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I added custom content types to a document library. Accessing the DL through SharePoint shows the assigned content types when selecting New. Though when I access the same DL using OneDrive (from Sites I follow), the New option shows instead the OoTB content types and not the assigned content types.


Is there a way to synchronize the behavior/experiences across both ways of accessing the DL?


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Unfortunately not, as soon as you add a custom Content Type to a document library, you lose the option to create Office Online documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) as you have in OneDrive For Business
Hi Juan, this is exactly what I would expect.

It works, I see my assigned content types for the DL once I access it through "SharePoint" (https://[company]

It doesn't, eq. the assigned content types are 'replaced' with the original OoTB Office Online templates, when I access this same DL through OneDrive