Asset Library Not Appearing After Enabling Video and Rich Media

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Hello everyone,


I am trying to get an Asset Library working on my SharePoint Site so I can better manage videos and images. I have followed these Instructions step by step, but I'm having an issue. After activating Video and Rich Media, When I click "+ New > App" there is no option for an Asset Library. I have other options that were provided to me by my organization but "Asset Library" is no where to be seen (I am under the "All Apps" filter). Have I missed a step somewhere? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

+ New > App:



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@Tyler_Andrew In My Apps apps page under 'Apps you can add' section, click on classic experience -> It will open a new tab that lists all built in apps such as Custom list, document library, calendar etc. Search for Asset library and add it from there.


@Bharath Arja Thanks for the response,


I have clicked on "classic experience". I manually looked through the apps and didn't see "Asset Library", upon searching it up, I am told that there is no match.



Just to double check, you are under 'Apps you can add' tab, correct?
Yes, I was under the "Apps you can add" tab. However I have solved the situation. I was doing the testing on a Team Site and was having no luck. Upon switching to a Communication Site I have found the Asset Library and have gotten it working. Thanks so much!