As usual, a problem with datetime conversion between flow and sharepoint

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Dear community,


I am facing a quite particular issue.

I send a time from the form. let's say 9.30



In my flow, I convert it from utc+1 (that is my timezone) to utc using the convert function, to store it to sharepoint. On my flow, it shows well that it sends 8.30 as a time.






On sharepoint, I have configured the regional settings to be utc+1.



Then, my calendar item, shows 10.30 instead of 9.30.


If change the timezone in SharePoint to UTC, then it shows 8.30 as it is expected.


So, my question is, why does it show 10.30 instead of 9.30.

Why on earth this is happening?


Is there a daylight time that I need somewhere to take into consideration?

If this is the case, then I am not able to store the time correctly half of the year :\


Any suggestion is more than welcome!

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