Are there any cons to using Document IDs?

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We are looking to use Document IDs where I work to make renaming/moving files/folders less painful. We've never activated this feature in our SharePoint, and wanted to know if there are any cons to doing so. From our perspective, it looks like a perfect tool! Is there a place that documents pros and cons, or are there experienced users that can share any negative unintended consequences with me before we get running with Document IDs in our organization?

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I've not used this in quite a while but the only con I can think of you have to have it enabled on all site, else it won't follow with/Lose it's ID.

When moving the ID will follow, if copied or downloaded and uploaded it will get a new one if I remember correctly so That could be good to know :)

Also it can happen but rarely that it generate the same ID on two different site collection if you have the same prefix, I don't know it this is still an issue as last I saw it was 8-9 years ago :)