Archiving Calendar Items in SharePoint Online (Modern Eperience)

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Hello all,


I am a technician for an IT managed service provider, and we have a customer who uses SharePoint calendars to track PTO for their employees. It is shared between all of them, and they have the calendars connected to their desktop Outlook apps.


One of the issues we have run into is the item count on these calendars has exceeded 5000 (over 6000 at this point), and in the past few weeks this has become increasingly unstable in Outlook particularly. Viewing on SharePoint seems to be okay, but multiple users are starting to have send/receive issues in Outlook and they cannot see recent events.


The solution we would like to explore is archiving calendar items to a new calendar that meet the following criteria:

  • Older than some date (e.g. Jan 1st, 2019)
  • Is a non-recurring event

I have sufficient day-to-day SP administration skills, but not to the extent of using scripting or PnP solutions, so I was really hoping there was an "easy" workaround as this can't wait for me to gain the skills to be able to do this. I have already done a half-day's worth of research, and have tried a number of solutions. Using legacy SP features such as Content and Structure and List Templates are not an option at this point.


One thing I have learned is that doing this appears to be non-trivial, unless I am missing something obvious (hence, my presence here). I am open to any solutions or workarounds you may have for this issue. I understand things in this setup may not be ideal or "best-practice" but pointing that out to me will be less useful than a suggestion for a potential solution. Thanks in advance!!



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