archive a team but keep SharePoint site active

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Hi there

I have a weird situation at my company where we created some teams that we want to get rid of but we want to keep their SharePoint sites active and accessible.  I was thinking that I would archive the team but leave the box unchecked that makes the SharePoint site read-only.  Has anyone else ever done this and did it work ok for you?  In our situation, we got a little too granular on the teams and want to make them channels in a bigger team but the SharePoint sites have thousands of documents that we don't want to move and still need to have active.  



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Hi @Mel_C13,


I think that will work out quite nicely. I had couple of cases where team is left as it is, and underlying SharePoint site is used as a document storage. Archiving just restricts new conversations, managing channels and team overall settings. You can still manage members of a archived team.

Are those teams public or private?

Do you need to manage team members or access to SharePoint site?



@Matti Paukkonen   Thanks so much for the response.  They are all private teams and yes, we may want to manage access to the SharePoint in the future.  

I want to use the archive so it is easier on my users and their growing list of Teams that they are involved in.  But happy to also look at a solution that doesn't use the archive.