Archive a copy of a document every 3 days and save the last 5 archives

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I am trying to use Power Automate to archive a copy of a document into a different folder once every 3 days.  I have succeeded in doing this, however, I only have the options of saving every single copy by creating a new name for the copy every time, or by replacing the copy with the same name every time a new archive is triggered on 3rd days and therefore losing the most recent archive before then.


Is it possible to have a running folder of the last 5 archives?  For example, if it is archiving every 3 days, I want the last 5 archives, so every archive from the last 15 days.



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@revolutionenergy You may need to create separate folder/library to store files from different timestamps with same name.


You cannot save 2 files with same name in same folder, you have to either rename file or replace existing file.


So, you can create a new folder every time flow runs (you can name folder based on current timestamp when flow runs) and copy files in that respective folder.

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