Approval Status Column Suddenly Numeric - Due to Column Formatting?

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I'm working in my tenant and noticed an issue with all of my lists that have content approval turned on. The approval status column now lists a number instead of the words "Approved" | "Rejected" | "Pending" I see 0 | 1 | 2.

I've created a new list and the words show up fine... but as soon as I turn on column formatting the words turn to numbers...


Screenshot 2021-11-05 144956.png

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Since the reported changes now break the out of the box conditional formatting for the Approval Status column I've opened a new issue on GitHub referencing the breaking change.

Recent JSON field change for approval status breaks conditional column formatting for approval statu...


At least if that gets fixed those who want to use conditional formatting on the Approval Status column will be able to without having to dive into the JSON and go on a wild goose chase looking for the required fields to use.