Approval comment missing when moving file to another document library

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If I have a file in a document library with versioning enabled and submits a file for approval and put in a comment and approve that file, everything is working fine and I can se the approval comment in the version history. 

But when I move the file to another document library (versioning enabled) then the approval comment disappears. Is this by default?


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Version history is retained if you are using the Move action. However, I can replicate your issue with comments. For me, comments aren´t visible at all in the version history list, not in the source library OR the target library. In the source library I can see the comments only if I add the column "Approver comments" to the view. Once I move the file to the target library and add the same column, the comments are empty. If I move the documents back to the source library, comments are still gone...


Bug anyone?