Approaches to migrate files from DropBox to SharePoint online preserver Version and Permisions

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We need to migrate files and folders from dropbox to SharePoint online. so can anyone advice on any available built-in tool provided by office 365 or 3rd party tools to do such a migration , and have these main points:-


1. preserve the metadata of the files and folders. created,modified, created by and modified by?

2. preserve permission defined on the source files and folders.

3. preserve the version history.


Thanks in advance

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have you tried this tool before? and will it achieve the 3 points i mentioned?

Please refer to this link from on Dropbox migration to SharePoint Online -

@John - no, it doesn't handle version history. Only the latest version is moved.
it's in the FAQ:

I'm currently trying to find something that will do the job, so if you did find anything could you let me know :)