Approaches to migrate Data-Only (Docuemnts + List Items) from 2013 to online

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Previously we have migrated a site collection from on-perm 2013 to online. and we start using the migrated online site, but this online site have 10 sub-sites, which we have been using the on-premises versions, since they contain custom solution not support inside SharePoint online. now i want to migrate the data-only from on-premises to online? so is this possible using powershell? we have a migration tool but this migration tool only allow us to migrate a whole site, but in our case we have all the settings and the site collection already migrated, and we only want to migrate Data including list items and documents, without any other components. so can anyone advice on the available approaches we can follow?


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You could leverage the free tool from Microsoft which is the SharePoint Migration Tool [SPMT] to migrate the lists and document libraries with content to SharePoint Online.
Please refer the below links which will help you to get started -

Hope this helps.

@Swaminathan Sriramthanks for the reply, in our case we already have the lists/libraries migrated, we only need to migrate the Data (documents and list items),, does the tool support this?

Please ensure that the template and columns set are the same between source and destination.
Would recommend you to test a simple migration by creating test library/list instance at source SP 2013 and configure in the SPMT tool to migrate to the destination.

@Swaminathan Sriramyes in our case all the sub-sites on the on-premises and on the online sites share the exact site columns and content type.. so will the SPMT  support migrating the data only (without any thing else such as fields, content types, etc..) for us? and is there any docs which describe how to do so?