Applying 'required field' to parent folder only (and not all files)

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I have a list of folders and want a specific field (a column 'drop down choice' value) to be required for each item (folder) in the list.

However, when I do that, all single files inside the folders and subfolders will ask for that required field, which is not ideal as files cannot be saved/checked-in without the required field filled etc.


Is there a way to only apply the required field to the 'parent' folder, aka the main list only?


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@mihail2040 Ideally, SharePoint does not support metadata (custom columns) for folders (default content type) in document library.

When you add any custom column in library, it gets added to "document" content type automatically. Hence you have to add value in custom column for all files.


So, you have to create a custom content type for folders in your library and use it instead of SharePoint default folder content type. Then you can add specific metadata (column) for the custom content type.


Check this article for more information: 4 ways to tag folders with metadata in SharePoint 

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