Apply view only for a specific folder


Hello everyone

I have a folder within a default document library which is connected to a team in teams. So, in this folder I have documents that must be sorted by its number in the file name. 


  • File_1
  • File_2
  • ...

First, I figured out that it isn't possible to sort numeric, if the number is only in the filename. SharePoint will then sort it like:

  • File_1
  • File_11
  • File_2
  • ...

Very frustrating but okay. So, I created a numeric column that can be used to sort the files properly. But what I noticed is that the column is now visible in the whole document library :(

So now my question:

Is it possible to apply the column to only being visible in this specific folder where I need it? I tried it with different views and so on, but it seems that this cannot be achieved.

Thanks for your help.

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Hey preuley30,

I have a similar problem and unfortunately have not yet received any solution.
In classic SharePoint there were two ways to apply folder views which can still be configurated in SharePoint Online but will not work.
The methods are explained in this article.

Would be great if someone from Microsoft could write something about it.