App launcher missing from from Modern Communication site collection in SharePoint 2019


The App launcher, settings cog and user profile info is missing from the nav-bar across the top of my Modern Communication & Team sitesnavbar.PNG



All classic sites are just showing the settings cog and User Profile info



The only place this is working is the MySites Host web application for OneDrive and the SharePoint Home Page.




This is a new SP2019 Standard install with the latest Feb updates applied.

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If I remember well, there was a problem in the Feb Update that could be the cause of this issue

Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín is there anything anywhere that backs this up. Would be good to know that this is the problem and it's going to be fixed and that I don't have to keep digging through logs etc to see why it's not working.

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Did some further digging and found this in the logs


System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'profile_GetUserProfileData', database 'SP2019_Profile', schema 'upa'.


It looks like it's trying to run this sproc using the Application pool account of the Web Application. This account was not in the SPDataAccess role for the User Profile database.


When I added the web application account to the SPDataAccess role for the User Profile database, voila the App launcher appeared.

Should this account have access to the User Profile database and if so what would normally give it permission.

@Toby Statham 

Thanks for your research. (:


Recreating my UPS fixed it for me. 

Just signed in to thank you!!! @Toby Statham


Got into this trouble after updating to KB5002229 & KB5002230.


Many thanks!!!!