API to to get and post data in Microsoft Lists

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Hi All,

I am new to Microsoft lists, I have  scenario where a admin can create a task to a particular user in my application. Now, I want to notify or show that task in Microsoft lists account of that user. Please help me with this.

Thank you.

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I'm not sure what you mean by List account.

Lists have been around for decades and are created in sharepoint sites, including individuals personal MySites.


Depends on the security requirements of your app or what you are trying to do - but here are some suggestions.

1) You could have one single list that everyone can access which contains all the tasks. One column of that list could be the name of the person who is the assignee. You could then create a view for that list where you filter on my persons name - so essentially saying where the Assignee = [Me].
That would mean - anyone looking at that list would only see their own tasks.

2) If this is just about notification - you could create a power automate - and trigger an email to a person, or a message in Teams

3) If this is actually a Task - then again you could use powerautomate to put the task into a Microsoft Planner or into individuals Microsoft To Do

The first one is simple but not particularly secure. If the assignees need to have write permissions, then they could potentially see other peoples tasks - but maybe that doesnt matter to you.

But yes - Power Automate is your friend



Thanks for the suggestion that was really helpful.

Now, I found that Microsoft provides API here to create list. Can you please help me in by sharing some reference on how to generate the oAuth token to create the list in sharepoint from REST api.



Can you please share some reference or steps on how to go with the 3rd point you mentioned please. That will be really really helpful.