Anyone with the Link grayed out for Site Paged

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Hello All, i am now experiencing issues with sharing of Site Pages using anyone with the link.

And all links shared previously with anyone with the link has stopped working.


Could this be a new update from Microsoft

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What would cause that is turning anonymous access in SharePoint off, either at the tenant or site level. Worth checking both.  If you are an Admin and have not done that then I don't know anything else that would cause that. 

@Andrew Hodges 


Thanks Andrew but right now it seems like a general issue as i have checked on different tenants.


When i try to share a folder or a file the anyone with the links is visible and works fine.


However if you go to site contents and site pages, and try to share a page, Anyone with the link is grayed out

Hi @Cissong 


I am also experiencing this issue, we had a site page shared with "anyone with the link" for the past couple of months and as of Friday it stopped working and the share with "anyone" link on the site page is greyed out.


I have checked across multiple tenants and all tenants are doing the same thing.




Seems like a general issue but no communication about it yet @get-spoash 

@Cissong  I raised a ticket with Microsoft as we really need this feature at the moment. They advised the following:
"To access the .aspx pages, user requires authentication as per the SharePoint Online rules. Now if the user is not given permission to access the site pages or access to any site or subsite, he/she will not be able to access those site. So to share the site pages we need to give appropriate permission to the user and then he would be able to access the site."


Hi folks,


Anyone links for .aspx pages were never intended to work as part of our implementation and we've now made a product change to prevent their creation. We've updated our documentation here to help call this out explicitly. You can still share these pages via other link types as needed. Hope that helps!

Stephen Rice

Senior Program Manager, OneDrive

Thanks @Stephen Rice . 

It was very handy to be able to share a page with anyone with COVID 19 and contractors but understand.