Anyone else seeing/hearing of issues with sharing links lately?

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In the past two weeks, we've had 4 different people across our university report that "some users" have been unable to open sharing links to files or folders. In most cases, the share is created for "people in your organization with the link" and then sent to people who are definitely in-org. The people reporting the issue say that it's happened with multiple files/folders and is intermittent/inconsistent. For example, "File 1" is shared to people in the org, then the link is sent to some org users. Person A is unable to open it, but Person B can (again, both are org/tenant users). "File 2" is shared the same way, and Person A can open it, but Person B can't. 


Of course, we have been completely unable to accurately replicate the issue.

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One thing I noticed (which may or may not have any bearing) is that when you first generate a sharing link (either through the share icon or the copy link button), the URL includes a query string at the end: ?e=<6 random characters> (e.g.: ?e=YaMuAg). When you look at the link later (via "Manage access" panel), that query string is not there. In one instance, a user who had trouble opening the file using the full, original URL (with that query string) was able to open it just fine by removing it. I don't know what the purpose of the query string is, but assume it's some sort of tracking/telemetry thing (e.g.: reporting back when the link is used).