Anybody else's top link bar in Modern experience disappear?

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Came into work this morning to discover my tenant no longer has access to the Top Link Bar in our SharePoint sites while using the Modern experience. Has anyone else encountered this?


*Edit* This appears to have affected sites with Publishing enabled. Top link bar isn't visible while using any app or Pages. Site Collections started Classic but are mostly Modern at this point. Hasn't been an issue ever.

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Noticed this for lists and libraries, pages don't seem to be affected.
I have just checked it now and I'm not seeing this problem

I am having this issue as well. The top nav was there all morning and early afternoon. A couple hours ago it disappeared with no explanation.

Yes, I happened sometime this morning Central Time for us.  We had a morning meeting about rolling out our new sites and then by the time for the second meeting the navigation was gone.  System pages still respect the navigation but modern pages, other than the home page don't have any navigation at the top of the page.

Noticed the same issue for all modern group sites. Publishing feature activated on all sites. The navigation appears the first time i go in to a site. After a refresh the navigation is gone.

Same problem here. With publishing enabled on the sites collection. For us, it's everywhere, pages, Library and subsites.

And no, it's not a Modern Team site, it's a classic one. Saw that : but doesn't help us.

Any advices ?

I should clarify my own situation then--we don't use Modern Team sites, rather Classic sites with all Modern parts (and pages) where possible.

Hi, same situation for my customer in Italy.

Modern Team sites, modern pages affected.



Good Afternoon Everyone...


Glad to have come accross this post, i have 2 Clients who have the exact same issue. 


Tennant 1 - The use publishing and have a custom page layout and custom HTML Nav so the issue is not effecting there top level site due to the way they use sharepoint however the modern lists and libraries have no top link bar.


Tennant 2 - Use Modern Site Pages and Lists and Libraries but the navigation has gone completly from all areas using Modern. Classic seems fine but they are not using this so this is a big concern for this client.


Tennent 3 - My own tennant i use modern sharepoint in a non publishing site and use modern pages, libraries and lists and works ok, I tested using a new Site Collection with Publishing on and the navigation for sites on the modern pages appears ok for me but again lists and libraries in modern experience dont show the navigation.


So a known issue now with 2 clients including myself and no further forward to getting a reply other than looking at the HTML and there is a difference in the ones working and not working as you can see below...


NAvigation not working HTML

<div class="ms-compositeHeader-topWrapper noNav ms-hiddenMdDown" data-reactid=".2.0.3"></div>


Navigation Working HTML

<div class="ms-compositeHeader-topWrapper ms-hiddenMdDown"> there is more within this Div as it works.


Any input would be great as i have been scratching my head all day but this was working fine yesterday morning and last week as i was building this and teaching this.



I also have this problem. Hard to believe they don't have a ticket opened yet.

We are experiencing the same issue with the Modern experience.

Thanks for chipping in, everybody! Hopefully one of us will get a ticket/forum response from Microsoft soon on this.

Good news all, my tech guy from Office 365 Support was able to reproduce the issue, and the issue's been escalated to the SharePoint engineers. No confirmed fix date, but it's on Microsoft's radar for sure now.
It's a glitch. I got around it by going into classic mode and clicking on 'Edit links' in the Top navigation bar, then manually adding the Top Level site and put it at the start of the bar.

This will then show up back in the Modern Pages in the top left where it should be.

Hope that helps!
Didn't work for me, but I think I know what phenomenon you're referring to. There is a circumstance where the top-level site doesn't like to show itself automatically in the Modern experience, but what we're getting is no visibility of the top link bar whatsoever, not just the link to the top-level site.

Thank you but didn't work for us too.

Had open a ticket, waiting for a response.

Hope it will be fix soon.

Hi Everyone... This was te reponse i got from Microsoft last night. Still have the same issue here also for all 3 tennants im currently dealing with. 

"The issue has not yet tagged by Microsoft Engineers as an incident that should be reflecting on the service health per affected tenancy.

We as well are waiting for the investigation reports of the Microsoft Engineers on the back end."

Hey Matt,


Thanks for posting about this issue, i've been investigating and we are currently working on a fix.


More details will be posted on the service health dashboard under SP123259 .






This issue should now be resolved!