Any way to disable Sharepoint Online Spell Check introduced on 24th Dec (MC308286)?

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Recent change (MC308286, Microsoft Editor Spellcheck and Grammar in SharePoint Pages) introduced spellcheck for Sharepoint Online.


However, with mixed language pages, the spellcheck causes pages to hang when in editing mode, because it is checking for "wrong" language.


Is it possible to disable this feature, like you can in Outlook?

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hello @Bilbo_Bobo ,

Thank you for posting in this community and I am sorry for this inconvenience caused to you.


According to my research, I'm afraid to tell you that I could not find any -current- solution for your issue! However I sow you posted the issue in the Feedback Portal Please allow disabling Microsoft Editor spell check (MC308286 ) · Community, so let's wait to see what will be the answer! 
*If I could find any related solution regarding this will come back to you...

Thanks :)

@Ahmed_Masoud Hello, thanks for the reply.


Also I would like to add, Spell Check seems to be tied to Sharepoint Site default language, not current user language.


So if Site default language is english, and the user is using some other language, the Editor is still spell checking for english, not the user language.


In Sharepoint Site settings, it seems it is not possible to change Site Default language, so spell check is always locked to Site default language.


Having an option to disable the spell check entirely, or at least an option to change the spell check language would be great.

I am also experiencing this in the environment of the customer I am currently working for. It is immensely anoying as I can throw spelling check into the thrash and makes work a lot harder as the entire page is filled with red lines. Please add an option to disable this on user-basis as you are currently destroying my efficiency with this update and I can imagine, multiple customers of Microsoft who work in multi-language environments.

Any news on this? All my written text in Sharepoint is done in a language that doesn't have any sort of spellchecker, and working with text in Sharepoint is massively frustrating because of it. Depending on text size, it can take up to a minute to change just a single header because I have to wait for the spellchecker to go through all of the text before I apply a header or any other sort of change to the text. That's almost 10 minutes of waiting if I have 10 "heading 3" that I need to apply. 

Same here. It really sucks. Give us a way to turn it off!!

@YukioFujii this might be different depending on region, but a short while after I posted here, all my sites got the option to turn off the "Editor". 


Check out the page details when editing a site, you might see a toggle to disable the Editor.