Any ideas for improvements to the List Properties web part?

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The List Properties web part for modern pages is a good start, but more control over how it looks would helpful.


My first thought is that it would be good to have some control over what's shown when no item is selected in the connected List web part.


It now shows the following text:


List properties

This web part is connected to Tasks.

Select an item in Tasks to view it here.
My users aren't even aware of what a "web part" is, and don't need to know the name of the web part! Removing the first 2 lines of text would be an improvement IMHO. Or better yet, let me control what should be displayed there.
Anyone else have ideas for improving the way this web part looks?
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Hi Brian @Brian Mair I agree, I use the embed web part to connect a selected office or place from a list to a YouTube video, Trip Advisor restaurant information and a Bing map. It would be a much better experience either:

A) if nothing is selected then the web part doesn't display at all. We could put our own message in a text web part asking the user to make the selection; or


B) be able to select a default value as suggested in the uservoice request at







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@Brian Mair I am trying to keep List Properties from cutting off a single line text field that wraps to a second line in the web part when displayed in a narrow area of a section.