An Ignite 2018 talk for SharePoint makers – Session# BRK3080.


SharePoint has always been a place for makers, builders, citizen developers, and tinkerers – anyone who wants to use tech in the workplace to be a hero with their team. Did you know that SharePoint’s modern UX has embraced this philosophy? In this session we will show you how SharePoint’s modern UX is ready and able to empower makers of all shapes and sizes. 


Come join us for practical advice as we build a live, working example application that everyone can relate to in their daily jobs!


Who are we?
We are the lead engineers and architects of modern SharePoint sites, lists, and libraries with over 25 years of collective experience in SharePoint development. We understand the needs of many of you who have relied on SharePoint for years and we are figuring out how modern technologies can help you in this next wave of computing. We are passionate about enabling you to build solutions on top of SharePoint that you need to run your business and keep your teams happy and productive.


What are the session details?
This Ignite session is for SharePoint makers. We will show you all the steps we took to create a full-fledged application with little to no code. We picked an easy-to-understand scenario that covers multiple low-code extensibility mechanisms. The scenario incorporates business logic and no-code-custom-UI to make your application look great and responsive on all screen sizes. We will also walk you through a number of insider tips and tricks to get the most out of this session.


So, what are we going to make?
We figured almost everyone in the audience has been to school, so we picked a typical classroom and teacher/student scenario to show off modern SharePoint UX’s no-code/low-code extension points:

• We'll use SharePoint lists and libraries to store data.
• We'll take advantage of Microsoft Flows to apply the necessary business logic.
• We'll use the newly released view formatters on lists to completely customize the UX of the application so that it looks delightful and responsive on all screen sizes.
• We'll use modern pages, web-parts, and dynamic web-part connections to create the home page and other tailor-made experiences for drill-in pages.
• And finally, we'll show you how to package up the application (Lists, Libraries, Flows, custom-ux etc.) using site scripts.
• So that you can stamp out a new "classroom application" every time a site is created using the new hub-site join site script action.