Always disable draft versions to prevent 511 limit?

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We have these settings for our libraries (see image below). One department works heavily on an Excel file and have reached draft version 511 and are unable to save the document. I have published the file and they can continue to work on this file but I can expect that they will reach draft version number 511 again in a few weeks. 

To prevent this:


  1. Would it be better to Create only major version? They have no need to make use of the Publish functionality
  2. Can I expect another limit if only major versions are used?
  3. Can I safely turn off draft versions? What will happen to documents that are currently in draft? Will they have a major version the next time the document is saved?
  4. Standard functionality according to Microsoft is "If you're using an online app or the latest desktop version and you attempt to save another minor version beyond the maximum amount, you will overwrite the most recent minor version. If you're using an old client, you will not be able to save or upload any changes at all.". But my collegues are not able to save the file as the most recent minor version, so this does not work and I think this information by Microsoft is not correct? We use Excel/ Office 365. The department uses co-authoring on the file.
  5. MS List is not a option for this file


Any help would be appreciated!


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