Allow users to create site pages but only edit their own pages.

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I am using then new feature for a classifieds ad section on our intranet and it works really well however I need to allow users to create pages, but not edit other ends users' pages.  This is exactly what a list can do but I need the site pages library to be set this way.  Am I missing a setting for the library for this or is there another way to accomplish create and edit your own pages?  Thank you!

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@Christy Satterfield You have to use custom page level permissions for your requirements.


  1. Run a Power automate flow when new site page is created in library - Use site owner account to create a flow
  2. Break permissions inheritance on site page
  3. Grant site owners/admins Full control permissions
  4. Grant write access to "Created By" user
  5. Grant read access to other users / Visitors group

Check this for more information:

  1. Site Sharing, List to show users only their created by items however show list items to all employee... 
  2. Set Specific User Restrictions on certain pages - manual steps demo

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Thank you for the references, I was just getting into power automate to do this exact thing. I'll see if I can get it to work. Thank you much.

@Christy Satterfield I think this is a great concept, but have you considered using Viva Engage for this? I think it could be an easier solution (one that meets all of your editing needs in an uncomplicated way) than trying to use and create unique permissions on SharePoint pages. I have client doing this very successfully in Viva Engage using #Hashtags and Topics to organize posts. They use the Yammer Conversations web part to promote their internal classified ads on the home page of their intranet and there are a lot of vacation homes rented and Girls Scout cookies sold!