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I currently have a Sharepoint that I've "Allowed access requests" through the Permits configuration, however, whenever I share the link with anyone external to my organization, it shows them the message that says "That didn't work, Issue type: User not in directory".


I understand the base problem about this, however, the intention of this Sharepoint is to share it with many external users, but limiting who may access or who may not, I explicitly want to share this link with whoever needs it (internal or external) but that I receive an email for every single request to allow or deny the access.


How can I address this problem? Because I wouldn't know beforehand all the users I'd share with to add them to a directory, I would just simply send them the link and I'd like them to be able to request the access.


I appreciate any help on this matter, thanks!

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If you just want to share a single folder from a document library, you could click on the three dots, select "Share" and then switch to the option "Who would you like this link to work for"->"Anyone with the link". Then you have a public link that anyone can access without authenticating.

You cannot simply share the entire SharePoint Online Website with anyone outside your organisation. (This has been discontinued

But you could create a public Microsoft Forms form where the applicant has to enter his email address...
Then create a Power Automate flow that is triggered by a new entry on that form.
The Flow can now ask for your approval and create a guest user afterwards that it can give permissions to your site to.