Alfresco to SharePoint Online Migration


Hi and thanks in advance. (:

I have an urgent requirement from a client to Migrate from Alfresco to SharePoint Online.

There are 300 documents that need to be moved ASAP and then another 2000 documents after that.

Has anyone worked with Alfresco?
So assuming there will be 2 methods: 

3rd Party tool that can migrate from Alfresco to SPO with Metadata or
Export Alfresco data to a PC and import with the Migratoft Migration Tool/PowerShell

Some Pointers will be appreciated. 

Kind Regards

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If you got the files to your PC then you can use this free tool from Microsoft

Thanks @John Naguib 
Yip, that is the plan but need to confirm if Alfresco offers a way to export the files?

Are you saying that Alfresco does have a way for you to export the files?


Is there a way to migrate the files with versions from file share to SharePoint Online using this SPMT tool. If it available what is the way to set it up.

Hi  @RamMohanG ,

I have been migrating Alfresco to SharePoint Online INCLUDING major/minior versions and all metadata even users that do not exist.

Also set ContentType, ManagedMetadata, lookups and all other datatypes.

I can show you if you like?


Hi, thanks, that was 3 years ago. So not are requirement anymore.

Hi @MrNoCode 


I have a similar requirement while googling I stumble upon this post. 

My requirement is to move content from  Alfresco share: v5.2 server to SharePoint online while retaining all the tags and properties. 



@cptnemo1870 ,




I can show you how to do it. :)

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best regards

Steen jakobsen

Hi @MrNoCode,
I like to take your offer to show how to do it. Can you explain the process in a few bullet points?