Alerts for SCA

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Are there plans to implement (optional) email notifications alerts for SCA/Site collection administrators even when a list has advance settings for Item-level permission set for users who were the creator only to read and or edit? It would be helpful when managing multiple lists on different sites as my permission levels override other limits.

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AFAIK, there are no plans to implement such notifications so you have to rely on existing alerts in SPO, use the Audit Log search features in Office 365 or implement a custom solution
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Thank you for the information @Juan Carlos González Martín


While the Audit Log search feature is helpful I was looking for more of a notification without having to run a daily report on several sites.  In most cases the list are requests list that need attention to immediately so as there are no plans to implement such notifications, I will continue to search for a solution.   


7/31/2019 - UPDATE created a RSS Subscription to the list so that I get daily updates as my workaround.