Alert only Published (Major) Version from Sharepoint

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Is it possible to set an alert for mail from Sharepoint but only for published versions?

I can't set it. I have versioning turned on in the library settings, but I can set alerts only for modifying a file. I don't have the option to select an alert for Major or Minor version.


I would like to avoid the "Content Approval" option. Because I know that such a workaround is possible by setting an alert for a status change. But it will be a nuisance for me.


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Hi @grb_33 - you can accomplish this with a small Power Automate flow. It only sends an email if the version ends with '.0' and it omits folders which are full published versions by default. Screenshot of my flow attached.


Hope that helps!




Thank You!


Works well. But it's a pity that this is not an option added in alerts directly in sharepoint.