Advice on sharepoint setup please

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I would like some advice on setting up Sharepoint sites.


I'm working for a services company that work on projects for clients. These projects get quite large (1-10GB's depending on the project).


Previously (on a file server), there was a projects folder and inside the projects folder were all the projects that were live. anything up to 15-20 projects at any 1 time. Each folder had a set of permissions that allowed the "team" working on the project to have access to the folder.


We want to start using sharepoint. I am basically unsure of how to set this up. How to replicate this function within the best practices of Sharepoint.


Option 1. Create a documents library which replicates my Fileserver setup. Create a team site (Document Centre) called "projects". Create folders inside that represent the projects and have a different set of permissions for each of the project folders. (essentially copying the fileserver setup within Sharepoint)


I can't help but think this is the wrong way to go. Managing the permissions seems like it will be a head ache enough.



Option 2. Create a team site (Document Centre) for Each project, each project will have a team and the permissions will be set by team against each site.


This feels like the right option... my only concern is having 15-20 active sharepoint sites. Amongst Finance, Marketing, ets etc. Is there a downside? I would not normally have 15-20 file shares on a server for example.


Could I get some feedback on my thoughts or any recommendations or ideas I may have missed?

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