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Is there a way to add users to a group without inviting them?


I need to add a huge section of the business to a group, and it's impractical to invite them rather than just adding them to the group

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@Lee-Martin Are you trying to avoid sending email notification to users when added to group?


If yes, while adding users to SharePoint group, click on SHOW OPTIONS link from "Share" popup.

Then uncheck "Send an email notification" option and click "Share" button. This will not send any email notification to users. 


For more information, follow the documentation: SharePoint site permissions 

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I've tried to add 240 people to a group.

The tick box is auto ticked and greyed out so I can't untick it.

I'm doing this on dev and test platforms. In no way do I need or want to send an email.

Why is this greyed out?